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Your Safety Comes First
With so much uncertain at this time, one thing you don’t have to worry about is whether Con Edison will respond to emergencies. We will.
We are not expecting any service interruptions because of the coronavirus outbreak.
But we are making operational changes to protect you and our workforce. We will only do work that requires us to enter your home or building for:
Safety-related inspections.
Upon your request for critical issues, including turning on service.
Please note these other changes to our operations:
Suspending meter readings. If you have access to your meter, you can still report your usage online.
Walk-in centers are closed.
The best way to do business with us is through My Account on Our call center is open but wait times may be longer than usual. You can reach us at 1‑800‑75-CONED (1-800‑752‑6633).
Putting all energy efficiency work to homes and businesses on hold.
Postponing smart-meter installations.
Financial Help
Please know you won’t lose your power now because you’re having trouble making payments.
How we’re trying to help:
Your service will not be shut off for non-payment.
Waiving new late-payment fees.
No fees for making payments with credit cards or debit cards.
Most customers can arrange for payment extensions and greements online through My Account.
Find more payment help.
If you have an emergency, call 911 or us at 1‑800‑75‑CONED (1‑800‑752‑6633).
Also, if you have an appointment with us, please let us know if you or anyone on your premises is quarantined by calling 1‑800‑75‑CONED (1‑800‑752‑6633).
We’re here to keep New York safe and your energy reliable.
Coronavirus Updates
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